Websites development

Interactive websites development

We think that websites development for companies is like a shop window: in addition to exposing the goods must have a door to allow customers to enter. And thanks to the Marketing Automation, CRM and eCommerce systems, the website must:

  • help the company find new customers (and be found by them),
  • develop a relationship with them to know them better
  • offer them the most appropriate products or services


The Evridigit experts are constantly working to research, test and select the methodologies and tools that digital innovation market continually makes available in order to build solutions that enable companies to have cutting-edge technology at affordable cost.


To create the Web sites we use, as appropriate, WordPress and Drupal. With a careful choice of add-on modules available on these platforms, we integrate the basic functions to meet the needs of the company.

Basic Features

All sites created are:

  • Optimized for consultation from smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • Equipped with SEO features
  • Multilingual
  • Integrated with Social Network
  • Can be used easily by non-technical users to write the contents yourself

Advanced features

For the site can then be added advanced features such as: