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Business process reengineering through digital innovation: we call it "Digital Transformation"

We are a team of experts in business organization and digital innovation.
We help companies to innovate their processes thanks to the use of digital technologies, following a gradual path that allows investing in proportion to people's ability to exploit the new tools


Continuous study of the market and the innovations developed to bring the best to our customers


High quality and latest generation solutions and tools


Small progressive investments to get fast returns and reduce the risk of errors


We choose solutions that fit people's skills and help people grow


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Ad hoc projects

Every company is different. We analyze the processes and design suitable solutions

Open Source

We rely on open source and open standards giving everyone the freedom to change if not happy

Working solutions

We develop solutions that works out of the box.

360 degrees

We cover all aspect of the project, Change Management, ICT, Security, Compliance, System Management

How We Work on Our Projects
1 - Analysis
3 - Develop / Setup / Configure
2 - Identify Quick Wins
4 - Support

Digital technologies are available for everybody, many of them for free, like the one in this video: GPS navigator with traffic information.

Almost everybody has Google Maps installed in his phone, but the majority of the people don’t use it. And they and remain stuck in traffic while people who use the navigator, also if they know the route, are informed about the queue and take the parallel free road.

It’s the same for business: many companies, for lack of culture or conservative attitude of their managers (the same people who stay in the traffic), use very few of the available digital technologies and move slowly.

And this is a great opportunity for the companies that embrace the “Digital Transformation” to overtake the analogic ones.

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